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It's Even Lonelier Outside

It's Even Lonelier Outside We're living in a scary and strange time in history. Thanks to the coronavirus, which is currently spreading through the population like wildfire, most of the world has gone into lockdown. Anyone who doesn't have an essential job has been asked to stay at home to avoid spreading the virus even further.
Here in Scotland, and the rest of the UK, the government has stated that people are allowed to go outside to get some exercise. As long as we obey the social distancing rules. I decided to go out for a walk with my camera and see what I could capture. 
I must say, a part of me kind of wished I had just stayed home. Every store I walked past had similar messages posted in their windows like the ones below.

Seeing all the stores closed at ten o'clock on a Thursday morning was one thing, but seeing virtually no one around me was also very unsettling.

Occasionally, I would spot someone out walking their dog or just out for their daily walk, but fo…

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